Where would we hide it all?

In the dark shadow of the hideout, the gang was planning a heist. At the meeting, the leader told them what they had to do.

The time came for the heist and the gang rolled up at the bank. The leader rushed in ready to fire. He said, “Open the vault doors, or I will keep you all hostage.” After that the robber had five minutes to escape the robbery. The car came so they could get away and go back to their lair. When they got home, they said, “but where would we going to hide it all?” And the police found them. The gang were all arrested and never seen for another two years.


The Great Bank Robbery!

“Right! We can do this. You go from the top; you go from the back and I’ll go under. Now let’s rob this bank! GO! NOW! Quickly, before we get seen!”

Ten minutes later: ding! ding! ding! ding!

“Come on. Let’s go guys.”

“But, boss, if we are going back to our base, then there’s nowhere to hide it all. Where would we hide it all?”

“We are not going back to our base where the police know where it is. We are going to a criminal hideout in the woods where we have a vault for all our money.”

“But the police know where that is. So where will we hide it all? In the base?”


Our Prized Possession

Beautiful long auburn hair in neat pigtails. Big green eyes stare relentlessly. Her rugged, long, red, ripped dress flows over her pale porcelain legs. Her glittery gold high-heels shimmer in the light. She has deep pink lipstick and black curled eyelashes. Dark-Grey finger nails point furiously at me. Her squeaky voice calls for me,”mama mama!” She sits tidily in the corner, on the shelf, covered in dust in my room. Her glamorous earrings dangle from her pasty skin-like face. She forbids to move unless moved, she forbids to change her clothes unless changed, she forbids to be alive!

Clodagh & Megan E