The Alien Invasion

One day, the Johnston family were throwing candy balls when one hit the roof. The glass broke. Suddenly, the ball exploded and some weird creatures came out of nowhere. They were green, wearing silver hazmat’s and they all had one eye.

Jacob asked, “Who are you?”

The green man answered, “Bla, Bla!”

All of a sudden, millions of tiny green aliens ran out of the ball then the house grew smaller and smaller. So, the Johnston family ran out of the house, except Jacob. He became an alien.

“HELP!” screamed the alien boy…

By Olivia, Jacob and Cory

The Smashed Lightbulb

One Halloween night James and Claire were out trick or treating, when they got home they found their house all smashed on the ground.

“Oh no! “said James.

“How did this happen? ” exclaimed Claire.

They tried to put all the Dimond’s and bonbon’s back but they couldn’t because all the glass was broken and there were to many. After a few days they decided to go into town and find someone to help build their house there were pieces missing so they lived in a box. So that was the end of the story of James and Claire.


Candy Machines

“What shall we buy?” said Beat box Bob.

” Candy machines!” Rob said.

2 days later, Bob and Rob were drinking Fanta. There was a small shake. “What was that? “said Rob.

“An earthquake.” Rob said. There was a bigger shake. Beat box Bob spilled his drink,”…it hit the machine…” The machine grew bigger and bigger and bigger. It was so BIG that it smashed the table. “Oh.” The candy machine had smashed, spilling all the candy,”…earthquakes, earthquakes…” Rob muttered. The aftershock of the candy machine smashing, broke the outer shell of the house beat box bob went back to the store and said, “Can we have a refund?”

Ryan L, Jess & Alex.

Inside out candy!

There once were candy people called Lollipop and Cupcake and they went to go and collect candy from the candy light bulb. When they arrived they noticed that the light bulb smashed then they decided to go on an investigation to find out who did it.

Lollipop said, “lets go on a investigation.”

Cupcake replied, “Okay, lets go with our secret weapon the candy magnifying glass!”

A few hours later. They finally found the culprit … It was the candy giant who’s name was ANGER!

“Anger what are you doing breaking the light bulb?” Lollipop said.

” I wanted all the candy to myself because I don’t like sharing!”


By Nicole, Megan M and Archie.