The Snake Apocalypse. By Edward.

It was a Monday morning. The clock struck twelve and my new red bike arrived. I was about to open the package when a cobra slithered out of the delivery van and came towards me. Before I could think, I grabbed my bike and cycled for my life. I cycled to my friend’s house and banged on their door. He opened it and I ran through.

“Shut the door!” I said.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Taylor asked.

“There are snakes everywhere,” I nervously said. “We need to leave!”

We left immediately – for the airport. We arrived late at night and had to run to the entrance.

Bring a pet to school day. By Charlotte.

It was bring a pet to school day. My mum shouted me down for breakfast, “Lilly, breakfast is ready, come and get it!”

I ate my breakfast and got my red snake out of the tank and put it in my backpack. “Bye, Mum!” I shouted through the house.

I put my backpack on and cycled my way to school. Before I got to round the bend, a car came around. Finally, I got to school. The school’s clock was slow so everyone brought a watch. There were hamsters, snakes, cats and dogs all round – everyone’s pets looked jolly!

Cycled. By Ryan S.

He looked at the clock and it was half past nine in the morning. Smasher needed his bowl of food so he went to pour his food.¬†When he got there Smasher was not in his cage so he got on his red bike. He had Smasher’s favourite dog whistle. He blew it and before long Smasher came to him. On the way back they saw a snake so they cycled off. They got back home and Smasher got his food.

The Race. By Jacob.

Two teenagers were at the red starting line…

(Back in time.)

Jacob and Philip looked at the clock, “Dude, we got to go!” Philip said. so they cycled off down to the starting line. Suddenly, a snake bit Jacob on the arm. Jacob started screaming in agony.

(At the hospital.)

“Is he going to be okay?” asked Philip.

“I am afraid to say…” the doctor said.

“What?” pleaded Philip.

“He can’t leave the hospital fro a week. I am sorry, Kid.” the doctor explained sadly.

“What? No! He has to come back. I won’t let him stay!” Philip yelled.

“Well then… SECURITY!” yelled the doctor.