A busy week…

We have had a very busy week but a few of us managed to find time to enter the 100 word challenge – all entries are from gentlemen this week!

This week’s prompt:

… it came down the drainpipe… 


The Killer Fly by Tyson

One day Jacob, Edward and Tyson were waiting for the bus to go to Jacob’s house to play some Roblox.

Edward said ”Guys what’s that noise.”

” I don’t know” said Jacob

Tyson said ” let’s  go and check”

Tyson, Jacob and Edward went to the drainpipe and They found a ginormous fly.    ”OWWWWWWW.” said Jacob

”What was that.” said Tyson

” I think it bit him. ”

Tyson went to check on Jacob the next day and he had no nail and they tried to kill the fly with there dagger they made with their knife and they got him.


Part 2 coming soon…………………..

The Forest by Tony

On a gloomy night, something scuttled across the floor I was petrified. The next day I told all my class mates about what happened last night. I heard a scream in the dark gloomy woods it sounded like a girl me and TJ went into the bit of the forest where we thought the screaming was. I got scared by the howling and the screaming I told TJ why did you come here and tell me to come as well I saw it.” It went down the drainpipe.” I said to TJ ”we should go home. ”he said…

The Horror. By Jacob.

Jacob, Edward and Tyson where waiting for a bus to go to Jacob’s House. Jacob was going to record a YouTube video with Tyson and Edward. When they started Recording the video, they heard a strange noise at the drain pipe. They went to go check it out, then something was biting it and they were hiding. When it came out the drain pipe it found Tyson and Edward first. Jacob went to save them but he was taken Down. He screamed “SAVE YOURSELVES IT’S COMING BACK!” Jacob found the ladder to his house he got to it and escaped so did Tyson and Edward.

Jacob would like to note that this story was inspired by his friend Tyson.