A Beautiful Ending

It was 9:00pm and I was all set for the big moment. I heard a bang, it was fireworks; they were everywhere. Fawkes was here ready for the big moment-he was the chosen one-he was going to light me. BANG! Everyone was gathering around, to see the king. As the smoke cleared, I looked towards the sky then downwards. I could see everything. The next minute, I never knew this would happen but I disintegrated into tiny molecules. “Oh no!” I screamed. I looked towards the ground. The next day I was never me again.

Ellie & Taylor

One thought on “A Beautiful Ending”

  1. Dear Ellie and Taylor,
    I enjoyed reading your story, particularly how you linked it to Guy Fawkes and told the story from the point of view of a firework. You used some good descriptive words to capture the reader’s imagination. Well done with a great story!
    Mrs Roberts

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