Bring a pet to school day. By Charlotte.

It was bring a pet to school day. My mum shouted me down for breakfast, “Lilly, breakfast is ready, come and get it!”

I ate my breakfast and got my red snake out of the tank and put it in my backpack. “Bye, Mum!” I shouted through the house.

I put my backpack on and cycled my way to school. Before I got to round the bend, a car came around. Finally, I got to school. The school’s clock was slow so everyone brought a watch. There were hamsters, snakes, cats and dogs all round – everyone’s pets looked jolly!

One thought on “Bring a pet to school day. By Charlotte.”

  1. Great use of the prompt words. I can just imagine the chaos of having all those pets together in one room,especially the hamsters and snakes !
    I liked your use of direct speech to liven up the story.You have used a really good variety of constructions in your sentences.Well done.

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