We were going camping. We knew we were being followed. We fell asleep in the storm. The next thing we knew we were locked in a moonless shack. We banged and banged on the door then the locked clicked and we were free but bones were scattered around. We were hunted by a cursed spirit. Darkness was falling, we looked back at the shack but it was gone.

It was Ice Age cold. We lay down on the ground. Sleeping and surviving was the hardest thing to do. When I did, I knew something would go wrong. Terribly wrong…

Brooke and Thomas

One thought on “Darkness”

  1. Spooky! You created an excellent atmosphere with some carefully chosen words, phrases and sentences. I particularly liked: moonless shack, scattered, cursed spirit and ice-age cold. My favourite sentence is: ‘Sleeping and surviving was the hardest thing to do.’

    Impressive work indeed!
    Mrs. Evans.

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