The Ghost House Part II

Something whacked me in the head I fell unconscious. I woke up a week later in a bed I thought it was the same day so I went to see if anyone was inside the was something around the corner it was a dog a girl followed it with ghost like skin and grey hair.My heart was pounding so I ran down stairs. I walked into a curtain the material felt like spider webs in fact it was spiders webs. Someone screamed. I knew that some one else was in the house. I had to find them. The dog died.

Ruby & Ceri

4 thoughts on “The Ghost House Part II”

  1. I liked the use of short sentences to build the tension and I also thought the image of the curtain of spiders’ webs was very effective. The ending was a bit of a cliff hanger and it left me wanting to know more – who else was in the house and why did the dog die??

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