Giant Spider

One day Gemma went to secondary school but it wasn`t a normal day. She walked to the school bus stop she had a funny feeling in her belly she knew that something bad was going to happen.

Gemma arrived at school after ten minutes on the bus. When she entered school, it was science class. All of the students said that they could hear something weird, but the teacher said not to worry. One of Gemma`s friends (Holly) stood up and went to the window , “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Holly screamed “L…look I…it`s a GIANT SPIDER!” They were never ever seen again.

Libby & Megan

2 thoughts on “Giant Spider”

  1. You have written an exciting short story in 100 words – well done. Speech marks are used correctly.
    To improve, look at the punctuation in the first paragraph as there are several sentences run together.

    Feedback from Hawthorn Y6, Wokingham

  2. Libby and Megan

    I always enjoy 100wc entries that have been collaborated on, you can really see how you have had to work together to develop the ideas and work these ideas into a great story or extract.

    You have managed to create an entire story in the 100 words, which can be difficult. You have managed this by keeping your descriptions short and with not too much action.

    Miss T
    Team 100 wc
    Hampshire, UK

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