Giant Spider!

Once there lived two sisters called Katie and Nicole. One day they were prancing through the forest when they stumbled upon a cave.

” Oh sister of mine, shall we go venture through this cave?” Asked Katie.

” Yes of course dear sister, we shall.” Replied Nicole.

They thought that this was an abandoned cave but little did they know that a giant man-eating spider lived there.

” Oh sister Nicole, I am shaken with fright by this cave.” Whispered Katie.

” Shush, I think I hear something.” Nicole whispered suspiciously.

Then in a flash the girls turned around to find … THE MAN EATING SPIDER!



Katie & Nicole

One thought on “Giant Spider!”

  1. Aaaaaaaagh! I hope that they escape!

    I really liked this epically the way you used speech. It has an ‘old fashioned’ feel to it, ‘sister of mine’, it reminds me of traditional tales. (The sinister ones!)

    Super punctuation – just be careful to check what the software does to your punctuation. Sometimes it will change a letter to a capital when it shouldn’t. For example, above, ‘Asked, replied and whispered’ belong to the spoken words and don’t signal a new sentence. My word processor does this too and I have to change letters back to lowercase manually.

    Excellent work girls – I really can’t wait to see what happens next!
    Mrs. E.

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