Greetings humans of  Earth ,

I come in peace. You share the world with all animals so you need to start respecting them more. You are wonderful. Look at you! You`re amazing, pulling this world together: doctors, builders, nurses and vets. Despite this, there lots of thing you could do better. But chucking your rubbish on the floor is not so great. It can course pollution and harm animals.It harms animals by crawling into cans and  rubbish on the floor.People  need to watch where they stand because insects are losing they lives every 5 minuets.We still lots of insects today.

By Libby and Megan

4 thoughts on “Greetings!”

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog entry; I think that you are right – human beings are so clever and caring but we can also be very thoughtless – an important message to share!

    Keep writing
    From Sarah, a teacher in London

  2. hi Megan and Libby we really like your story, i like how your talking about jobs.
    I’m not sure about the every five make your story even better i think you have a bit to much sentences.

  3. There is a sense error at the end and a few spelling mistakes but apart from that it is Amazing Good job????????

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