Grim Graham

Chapter 1

“Run!” shouted a voice I turned around gingerly and saw Graham standing there. His beady eyes staring right through me. I ran. Finn was running in front of me. I looked again-Graham had disappeared. Finn flinged open the yellow door. We both ran up the stairs and into our bedroom. However, Graham was somehow standing there. Right in front of us. I turned around. The door closed with a bang. We’re stuck. We discovered -Graham our remarkable friend- is now a poltergeist. “What.. What why Graham why” Finn said

“You will no longer live my friends”

Ceri & Liliana

2 thoughts on “Grim Graham”

  1. We liked your short sentences; they worked well for creating tension. Also you used a few lines of dialogue which moved the story forward. Don’t forget question marks for questions.

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