Haunted House

On a Friday night, mum and dad went out to the restraunt. Gemma was alone in the haunted house. Gemma snuck  into her mums room and found pictures wrapped in a material.the material felt like  slime .She  looked in the closet , a black figure was found .As fast as she could she ran into the bathroom and locked the door she soaked her face in freezing cold water she looked back up at the mirror and there was a Zombie behind her.She ran out of the bathroom and it followed her she was terrified. Gemma was never seen again.

Libby & Alex

One thought on “Haunted House”

  1. Libby & Alex,
    You have some super sentence openers here such as: ‘On Friday night,’ (excellent fronted adverbial with a comma! Well done!) I also like ‘As fast as she could’ (you forgot the comma – fronted adverbial!)
    Very imaginative writing. To make your work EVEN BETTER, double-check your punctuation before you publish!
    I am looking forward to next week’s entry!
    Mrs. E.

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