Inside out candy!

There once were candy people called Lollipop and Cupcake and they went to go and collect candy from the candy light bulb. When they arrived they noticed that the light bulb smashed then they decided to go on an investigation to find out who did it.

Lollipop said, “lets go on a investigation.”

Cupcake replied, “Okay, lets go with our secret weapon the candy magnifying glass!”

A few hours later. They finally found the culprit … It was the candy giant who’s name was ANGER!

“Anger what are you doing breaking the light bulb?” Lollipop said.

” I wanted all the candy to myself because I don’t like sharing!”


By Nicole, Megan M and Archie.

2 thoughts on “Inside out candy!”

  1. That selfish Candy Giant. Now no one can have any because it will be full of glass shards!
    Hi writers,
    I like the way you have interpreted the picture and am impressed with your use of speech marks and dialogue. I wonder what clues they found that led them to conclude that it was the Candy Giant that had perpetrated the nasty crime.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie Cameron Team 100
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand

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