5 year’s ago there was a war between 2 spies and army of robots  invasion. The spy’s names were Leo and Mike and they weren’t any spies they were ninja spies.They have lodes of gadgets and there best gadgets was invisibility mode. They went to the robot tower and they after the best gadget ever and it was a machine gun not any  machine gun it shot sticky stuff. Then lots of robots surrounded then Leo he built an E.M.P device that will destroy the robots. Everybody cheered and they had peace everywhere today.

By Thomas and Tyson

One thought on “Invasion”

  1. This is very exciting – lots of gadgets and guns!

    To make your writing EVEN better, either write in the past tense, ‘5 year’s ago there was’ or the present tense: ‘They have loads of gadgets’. Try not to mix the two tenses up!

    Good work, chaps!
    Mrs. E.

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