The Last Wishing Tree

One day, I was taking a gentle stroll in the woods when I noticed trees disappearing before my eyes. I thought I saw I hand but I was probably just being paranoid. I walked on into the grotesque woods; I felt something watching me I walked into a clearing, the home of the wishing trees. But there was only one lonesome tree left. That tree was watching me. I climbed up the tree and stared into the emptiness. Then tree got lower and lower. Until I had been pulled into the ground. “HELP AHHH I’M TRAPPED!”

By Alicia & Ceri 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Last Wishing Tree”

  1. Girls, this is a great story. It’s full of lovely descriptive adjectives. Just read over it to check it for punctuation errors. Well done.

  2. i really enjoyed your 100wc 🙂 carry on doing your excellent work. I wish i could write this good.

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