Lost in the pyramid.

It was only six-thirty at night, Abbie and Alan were trying to solve a case in the pyramid of Giza. Alan and Abbie decided to split up and search for clues so they could find what was going on. Suddenly Alan heard a scream, it was his best friend Abbie; the noise was so loud that it almost blew his ears off. Alan went searching around looking for Abbie. Eventually he found her in a cage. Then Alan had found a penknife in his pocket and chopped down the cage. Suddenly a group of mummies were chasing them but then they surrounded them. Will Abbie and Alan get out of the pyramid?


4 thoughts on “Lost in the pyramid.”

  1. Hi Ella great story.
    I wonder if they escape the mummies.
    Or will the mummies get them.
    Ewan mrs Boyce’s class.

  2. Hi Ella, nice cliff hanger at the end.
    The noise must have been so loud that it nearly blew his ears off.
    I wonder if they will escape the mummies.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C 5th Mrs. Boyces class.

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