My Diary

I listened. Silence that’s all I could hear. Then I woke up; I was in a forest all I could see was trees and the mountains. A fox came out. It came up to me. I remembered the spare chicken I had in my pocket. I held it out in my hand. It ate it. I tried to find a way out. The ground began to shake. My heart thumped like mad. There was a massive avalanche. I ran. We were trapped in a dark cave. The noise was SO loud.

By Ceri.

One thought on “My Diary”

  1. Hi Cheri
    That was a brilliant story that I loved
    I liked the way you started your story silent and finished loud
    It reminded me of a Film called Lost
    It got me thinking how did you end up at the forest
    Please comment back on my strong and here is the link
    Laurynas, Mrs Boyce class

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