On toy day Harry was playing with his toys outside his classroom. Harry had to play outside because everyone was shouting. The noise was SO loud that he could hear it from outside. The teacher had to shout and shout; the class kept getting louder and louder. “This noise is SO loud” Harry walked over to the headteacher’s office. Knock knock knock. “Come in.” came a voice from behind the door. “My class is very loud. Can you help me?” “Hmmm.” said the headteacher.

By Alex.

7 thoughts on “Noise.”

  1. Hi Alex.
    Great story.
    I dont think i would consider a class as a loud place.
    Was there an arguement inside?
    please check outmy story
    BYE Bryan Mrs Boyces class cork Ireland.

  2. Hi Alex, great story.
    The noise must have been loud.
    I wonder if Charlie didn’t like loud noises.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C 5th Mrs. Boyces class.

  3. Hi Alex,
    I liked your story,
    I wonder how the headteacher dealt with the noise,
    Did she roar above everyone? Or did she just have to stand there and wait? – Kayden, Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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