Medusa by Ruby

We all remember the day we were turned to stone…

It all started when we were playing in the park when we were drawn to an orb and I said,

“Emerald, Benji, what’s that?”

“I don’t know. Benji?” replied Emerald.

“Me neither,” stammered Beni. “You don’t think it’s a time machine?”

So we all sucked up all of our courage and entered the orb. We figured it out and went to see if the legend of Medusa was true. We arrived in a cave. We could hear a hissing noise. We could see blood-red eyes. We started to feel stiff and couldn’t move. Thousands of years passed and then we found we were stone for eternity.

Chrysalis. By Clodagh.

Chrysalis. We caterpillars with huge, sparkly wings go in a chrysalis…to be humans.

“Come on, Charlie! It’s chrysalis time!” my mum screeched excitedly. (It was weird because she was human and I was still a caterpillar.) Slowly, I entered the dark, empty cage.

Five years. I was in there for five years. When I came out, everyone was terrified.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned.


I didn’t process properly… my nose… on my neck. My eyes… on my arm. My mouth and teeth separated.

They pushed me back inside and left me to shrivel and die.


Aliens. By Archie.

It was 100 million years ago, when, in a flash, an alien spaceship hit the face of the planet and brought out three mysterious objects.

“We place them here, and then in three million years time, the reign of the humans will begin!” said the lead alien.

“When will we come back to get them?” asked the deputy of the aliens.

“In the year 2019 then we will start war to see how their defence has changed through time!” said the alien chief of the military.

A few million years later, the world was preparing for war against the aliens!

The Wind by Isabella

The wind was what brought us here. Once we landed on this thing they called Earth, we controlled the wind with our arms.

One morning, another was born. He didn’t notice what he was doing. Suddenly, he shouted, “Mummy, daddy, look!” so they glanced. Their child was waving his arms weirdly.

“Stop!” shouted his mam. The wind had gone wild. This had never happened before. Obviously, he didn’t know what he was doing so he was confused. We were moving. People were staring because we hadn’t moved in years. All of a sudden, the thing they called Earth was moving. We came off the ground and we died. Again.


The Snake Apocalypse. By Edward.

It was a Monday morning. The clock struck twelve and my new red bike arrived. I was about to open the package when a cobra slithered out of the delivery van and came towards me. Before I could think, I grabbed my bike and cycled for my life. I cycled to my friend’s house and banged on their door. He opened it and I ran through.

“Shut the door!” I said.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Taylor asked.

“There are snakes everywhere,” I nervously said. “We need to leave!”

We left immediately – for the airport. We arrived late at night and had to run to the entrance.