A Weekend With My Granny

On a Friday night, me and my  two brothers called Epeli and Denzel  had a sleepover at my Granny house.

The next Morning my Granny decide to take us to the park. While we were playing, I heard my Granny screamed, Help! Help!.

So we ran over to her and I asked her, “What happened Granny? “She replied in her terrifying voice and said ,looked”.

We looked up and there’s a Huge Spider.

To be continued…


Attack of the Dead

It was a dark and gloomy night, when Gemma was lying in her bed then suddenly her bedroom door creaked open.She slowly hid under her covers.SLAM!!.The door shut Gemma slowly drifted of to sleep. The next morning Gemma turned the music full blast.BOOM BOOM BOOM the door went ,I’m coming hold your horses!” Gemma shouted

When Gemma answered the door there was no one there she turned her head so that she could see round the corner then the lock clicked and something grabbed her from behind.Her phone started to ring it was 999 she answered it, the man(or women) sounded deadly who was it on the phone…

Libby & Lilly

The Material Shop

One day Milly and Molly went in to a material shop. Tapping their foot on the floor they stood by the till. From behind a lady said ” BOO!” Milly and Molly walked on until something caught Molly’s eye it was a nice piece of material. The material felt like it was bumpy but not soft. They tiptoed around the corner, Milly saw something black move, they went to the till and said ” is anybody there?” But nobody was there.The walked out of the material shop with out paying.”That was a bit strange.” Molly.

Megan & Poppy

Haunted House

On a Friday night, mum and dad went out to the restraunt. Gemma was alone in the haunted house. Gemma snuck  into her mums room and found pictures wrapped in a material.the material felt like  slime .She  looked in the closet , a black figure was found .As fast as she could she ran into the bathroom and locked the door she soaked her face in freezing cold water she looked back up at the mirror and there was a Zombie behind her.She ran out of the bathroom and it followed her she was terrified. Gemma was never seen again.

Libby & Alex

The Night

The material felt like it got tighter. If my friends did help, why did they disappear? It was uncomfortable being trapped in a sleeping bag! We struggled for a bit, so we fell asleep and it loosened like something escaped…

After a bit of thinking, we knew we had to stop struggling. Although it was hard, that’s what we did. We ran outside into a  rocky, pitch black mountain, to be thought. We wondered where were we, we came to a answer, it was away from home. Can we survive any longer? no we could not. Not any longer.

By Thomas and Brooke.