Little Creatures

Many years ago, there lived a girl called Louise. One day, she was skipping through the forest when she fell into a  hole. The hole was dark and gloomy and water dripped from above. All of a sudden something started to nibble and crawl up her legs.

“Ouch, what is that?” She said.

*oh stupid human we love flesh it very of the good *  The material felt like plastic on the little creatures.(They spoke in their own language, we have translated it for you.) Although they nibbled, it felt like they were licking her. She climbed but fell…

Alicia & Katie


It was more than a hall than a room. The hall was thin and dark. The lights beamed from the ceiling, the red lights shone brightly in my eyes.The hall had a marble floor and the walls were lined with blue wood all the way to the top. Gazing from the shelves, all  the way along, were faces. They were made of wood, paper mache, porcelain and wax. John picked up the puppet the material felt like someone not something. Some  were big and some were small. Some laughed and some sneered. Some had bodies witch were attached to string.

John heard a noise behind him but he couldn’t turn his head to see.

Liliana & Dima

The Middle of the Forest.

Many years ago, there was a circus in the middle of the forest. There were trees surrounding the circus tent. There was a strange material that covered the tent, and it felt heavy like a winter coat. Although it was quiet outside, there was lots of life inside the circus tent. Hundreds of people lined the outskirts of the tent. As I entered I felt amazed by what was going on inside. In the center of the room a bear was riding a unicycle, in circles around the host. The lights fade, everyone disappears, I’m alone, What happened?



We were going camping. We knew we were being followed. We fell asleep in the storm. The next thing we knew we were locked in a moonless shack. We banged and banged on the door then the locked clicked and we were free but bones were scattered around. We were hunted by a cursed spirit. Darkness was falling, we looked back at the shack but it was gone.

It was Ice Age cold. We lay down on the ground. Sleeping and surviving was the hardest thing to do. When I did, I knew something would go wrong. Terribly wrong…

Brooke and Thomas

Silent Scream

On a stormy night, Alicia and Jessica were home alone. Alicia was on the toilet  when all of a sudden the lock clicked and she was locked in the toilet . Jess heard the stairs creaking as someone tiptoed down the stairs. Jessica raced to the stairs to see who it was. It was a dark shadow staring right at her.

“Who are you?!” Jess demanded.

No response. Upstairs all that could be heard was banging from the bathroom, where Alicia was trapped. (Jess was now scared.) Jess was very hungry, because she has not had tea. To be continued….

By Alicia and Jess