The Bonfire

On the 5th of November, people started arriving at the bonfire night. The fire sizzled and crackled as the smoke cleared into the night sky. Everyone gasped as the firework blasted into the sky and exploded with lots of beautiful colors. The firework shrieked into the air and popped like a balloon. The fire-which was blazing furiously-heated up the crowd. Fireworks filled the air with glory. Sparklers sparkled as people were waving them around. As the fire work exploded sparks faded away as the crowd watched in excitement.Some of the crowd started to leave.Thats the amazing bonfire night.Thats the end.

Alex & Tony

The Bonfire

It was getting hotter and hotter and my baby, my baby was trapped inside.”Mummy!” she yelled. She was coughing and spluttering; I had to get her out. I ventured  in trying not to get burned. When I had finally reached my baby the combustion was sizzling in front of me. Her quills were alight but then I released it was not my baby so I climbed out carefully. As the smoke cleared my baby was coming my sweet baby. Then the fireworks- which had filled the sky with colour-had started  and we turned into balls and we rolled off.

By Ceri and Poppy

Something Strange : part 2


…a spider web however we were both so shocked that we both fainted when we woke all we could see was a yellow blob. As we fixed our eyes to the enormous yellow blob we noticed that it was a massive spider . We had two feelings mixed one we had discovered a new remarkable new species and 2 it was massive and they were scared that it would eat them. Before they even could squeal they were gobbled up . Inside the spider was gingery luckily we had some feathers so they tickled the spider’s tummy he spat us out.

By Ruby

The Yellow Ghost

On a ordinary Monday morning, Tim who was only ten went for a walk into the woods. When Tim was in the woods he discovered there was a deep ,dark, gloomy cave underneath the ground.

When Tim was entering the cave there was some glass on the cave floor. Tim had to gingerly step across the glass. However Tim found a yellow,  bright thing on the other side of the cave it was quite remarkable. The thing was a yellow, gluey, sticky ghost.

Tim was scared when he discovered the ghost, the ghost then ate him and Tim became a ghost with him.

By Olivia

The Horror.

I was staring right into its eyes, just waiting for it to smash through the window. I looked around trying to see where to hide. A few seconds after, I saw the cupboard it was the  only place to hide, I dive in. After a few hours I slowly move out my heart pounding as I walk to the window it wasn’t there. I turned around running to door the black giant spider smashed the door right open. It came closer, it came closer until I grabbed the pole for my curtains and stabbed it. The next day, I was in the paper.

Taylor & Ellie.