The Monsters were banging on the door, then the lock clicked and  they tried  to come in ready to eat me.So I rushed to the cupboard I looked for the rope that I had made because I knew the Monsters were going to attack soon and now I was going to use  it. I tide it on my window sill and climbed down it just as the Monsters limped into my room and I quickly, ran to my friends house but there was no one home or they accidentally fell asleep even though so I went inside and fell asleep.

Amy & Poppy

The Ghost

On an ordinary Monday morning , Tyson got ready to go to school. Tyson rushed to the bus so he could get to school, on time. When he was walking down the hallway ,where the lockers were , then  the lock clicked and a terrible thing came out of the locker. A white , big and gloomy thing was in the  locker. He  was  scared, it looked like a ghost. Tyson ran out of school and into the wood. The ghost followed him into the woods.The ghost ran into him he tripped over and Tyson was never ever seen again.

By Alex and Olivia



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