Greetings humans of Earth  have been watching you very close In space.Despitee having maid some wonderful creations But I think you could make bet trance port ,it brings too much pollution this is caused by cars , motor bikes , fire it is mostly caused by big factories black smock is the worst . Have you seen them big buildings with massive black clouds ? You  have maid Phone , iPad and lap but they are not always used for the  right thing they are used for bulling on the inter net thank you pleas make this beter. By Earthlings for now sinning out.

By Jess

One thought on “Pollution”

  1. You gave Peaky some powerful messages for us all to think about there Jess. Pollution, bullying, wastefulness have all accompanied some of our impressive inventions. If you could, would you get rid of things like iPads and laptops to stop the bullying?
    You did well spelling some tough words there, like pollution, massive and factories, but it’s always worth a quick read through to see if you can spot any mistakes. Can you see any if you read it back?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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