It was more than a hall than a room. The hall was thin and dark. The lights beamed from the ceiling, the red lights shone brightly in my eyes.The hall had a marble floor and the walls were lined with blue wood all the way to the top. Gazing from the shelves, all  the way along, were faces. They were made of wood, paper mache, porcelain and wax. John picked up the puppet the material felt like someone not something. Some  were big and some were small. Some laughed and some sneered. Some had bodies witch were attached to string.

John heard a noise behind him but he couldn’t turn his head to see.

Liliana & Dima

2 thoughts on “Puppets”

  1. Wow, Liliana and Dima, what a wonderfully descriptive piece. You obviously have worked well as a partnership to create such a powerful image with your super word choices and descriptions. I was really pleased to see your final sentence as it really ends your writing well, providing a sense of action and a feeling of foreboding.

    I can’t wait to read more of your work in the future,

    Miss T Team 100wc

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