Silent Scream

On a stormy night, Alicia and Jessica were home alone. Alicia was on the toilet  when all of a sudden the lock clicked and she was locked in the toilet . Jess heard the stairs creaking as someone tiptoed down the stairs. Jessica raced to the stairs to see who it was. It was a dark shadow staring right at her.

“Who are you?!” Jess demanded.

No response. Upstairs all that could be heard was banging from the bathroom, where Alicia was trapped. (Jess was now scared.) Jess was very hungry, because she has not had tea. To be continued….

By Alicia and Jess

6 thoughts on “Silent Scream”

  1. I can tell that we are getting close to Hallowe’en, the spooky stories are beginning to emerge! I like the word ‘demanded’ and I like your use of brackets. Well- done!
    (Remember that it is often more effective to show how a character is feeling ‘her heart hammered’, than to simply tell the reader they were scared.)
    Good work, girls! I am looking forward to next week’s entry!

  2. I LOVED your story! It was amazing how you two could write such an amazing story, you should definetly get in the showcase! Keep up the great work!

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