The Snake Apocalypse. By Edward.

It was a Monday morning. The clock struck twelve and my new red bike arrived. I was about to open the package when a cobra slithered out of the delivery van and came towards me. Before I could think, I grabbed my bike and cycled for my life. I cycled to my friend’s house and banged on their door. He opened it and I ran through.

“Shut the door!” I said.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Taylor asked.

“There are snakes everywhere,” I nervously said. “We need to leave!”

We left immediately – for the airport. We arrived late at night and had to run to the entrance.

One thought on “The Snake Apocalypse. By Edward.”

  1. Hi Edward, Great story and great use of prompt words.
    Well done on your punctuation too. I love the title of your story.

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