Something Strange : part 2


…a spider web however we were both so shocked that we both fainted when we woke all we could see was a yellow blob. As we fixed our eyes to the enormous yellow blob we noticed that it was a massive spider . We had two feelings mixed one we had discovered a new remarkable new species and 2 it was massive and they were scared that it would eat them. Before they even could squeal they were gobbled up . Inside the spider was gingery luckily we had some feathers so they tickled the spider’s tummy he spat us out.

By Ruby

One thought on “Something Strange : part 2”

  1. Well done for sending me your entry to the 100wc during half-term! Excellent work!

    This is a very creative story. Be careful to use the same type of pronouns throughout your writing. Your story began with ‘we’ and later you talked about ‘them’. This was a little confusing!
    Good work though, Ruby. Keep it up!

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