The Bonfire

On the 5th of November, people started arriving at the bonfire night. The fire sizzled and crackled as the smoke cleared into the night sky. Everyone gasped as the firework blasted into the sky and exploded with lots of beautiful colors. The firework shrieked into the air and popped like a balloon. The fire-which was blazing furiously-heated up the crowd. Fireworks filled the air with glory. Sparklers sparkled as people were waving them around. As the fire work exploded sparks faded away as the crowd watched in excitement.Some of the crowd started to leave.Thats the amazing bonfire night.Thats the end.

Alex & Tony

One thought on “The Bonfire”

  1. Dear Alex and Tony,
    As I read your story, I could really imagine myself at your fireworks display, enjoying the bonfire – your description is excellent, with lots of detail.
    Rather than writing ‘That’s the end’, perhaps you could think about an alternative ending that makes it clear that the display has finished without simply stating it.
    Good work – keep it up!
    Mrs Roberts

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