The Boy and the Ghost

A Long time ago , there lived two boys called Jim and Jack. One day , Jim and Jack wondered into the  forest without telling anyone. Jack said to Jim,” Lets go into that very deep, dark cave over  there.”

“Yeah lets do that.” replied Jim. But little did they know that a very haunted object was in the cave  on the rock.  “Hey Jim there’s a  material over there, dare you to touch it.”                                                                                                                                   “Okay.” answered Jim . Jim , touched the material , the material felt like stone. They disappeared….

Olivia & Jenson

One thought on “The Boy and the Ghost”

  1. Oh no! Where did he disappear to? The past? Outer space? The future? Another dimension? Great work. I really liked the way you thought about your punctuation too. I was really impressed with your use of commas. Top banana!
    Remember that when you use commas for parenthesis, you should be able to lift the ‘dropped-in’ part out and the sentence should still make sense.
    Good work – I am looking forward to next week’s!
    Mrs. E.

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