The Dark Night

It was a dark gloomy night, Rick was just getting ready  to go home when he heard a blood curdling scream coming from an abandoned boat. He followed the echoing scream. The boats were covered in mud and the trail he followed used to be a camp site. He followed then he found the body of a girl called Anna; little did he know it was his daughter. He tried calling the police but he didn’t have any service so then tried running away there was a figure in the darkness holding a sharp knife.


2 thoughts on “The Dark Night”

  1. Hi Libby.
    I loved that story. It was so exciting from the beginning to the end. I’m wondering what will happen to Rick. Hopefully the figure won’t be too vicious. I’d hate if I were Rick. It would be terrifying if someone was watching you yet you didn’t know they were there. Spooky.
    Well done again Libby. Here’s the link to my story in case you fancy reading one.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork

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