The Day in the Forest

The day Charlie and George went into the forest. They had their hunting gear and George had a tent on his shoulder. Mia followed them through the forest. But where were they going? She saw that they had their Fathers gun. She ran back to theĀ  house. Mia said ” I think that they are running away from home.”

The next day Mia went back into the forest ,they had set their tent’s up. There was food hung up on a piece of string that was on a branch of a tree.

Megan & Amy

One thought on “The Day in the Forest”

  1. Well done. Where did you get your inspiration for this? Have you been camping recently? Well done for using commas but remember that they can’t be used instead of a full stop!

    Is this one sentence with two parts or two sentences? Should it be a comma here?
    The next day Mia went back into the forest, they had set their tents up.

    Creative writing, ladies!
    Mrs. E.

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