The Destructive Beetle

One  day  two  boys were sitting  at  the  park they were  eating  some  crisps. As   they  were  eating,  a  tiny beetle came  scurrying  past  and ripped 5 trees out of the ground. Next it  crossed the road and  destroyed a bus  full  of  people. The boys ran home as quick as possible  locked all the doors and window’s.  That night they sat in there  room and at 9:30 they fell asleep.  When they woke  up, they looked out the window and instead of seeing the sun rise, they saw a city of destruction.” Do you remember what happened yesterday.” said Jake

”Yes a beetle destroyed the city. ”said Jack

”But how can something so tiny causes that much destruction.”

Dima & Edward.

One thought on “The Destructive Beetle”

  1. Hi Dima & Edward,
    I enjoyed reading your story.
    I’ve just seen a beetle scurrying across my floor here … and I’m wondering …
    I hope I won’t be dreaming about beetles tonight.
    This story has the makings of a great horror story. Well done!
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce

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