The Ghost

On an ordinary Monday morning , Tyson got ready to go to school. Tyson rushed to the bus so he could get to school, on time. When he was walking down the hallway ,where the lockers were , then  the lock clicked and a terrible thing came out of the locker. A white , big and gloomy thing was in the  locker. He  was  scared, it looked like a ghost. Tyson ran out of school and into the wood. The ghost followed him into the woods.The ghost ran into him he tripped over and Tyson was never ever seen again.

By Alex and Olivia



5 thoughts on “The Ghost”

  1. This was a great story and I enjoyed reading it. It was strange how Tyson was never seen again and your story was very creative .

  2. Ooooooh! An ordinary Monday morning which turned out to be not so ordinary after all! I agree with Aideen – it is very creative indeed. I particularly liked your ’empty word’: ‘thing’. That really fired my imagination! What could it be?

    Good work!
    Mrs. E.

  3. Hi Alex and Olivia. I really liked the way your story started by describing an ‘Ordinary Monday Morning’… However, it turned out to be anything BUT an ordinary Monday. You’ve written and great story and introduced the prompt really well. Well done.

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