The Hearse

“Don’t you ever laugh as the Hearse goes by for you may be the next to DIE!”the ghost sang as she pointed her finger at her victim he was never heard from again!…

Daniel woke up in a big fright he had dreamed about a girl killing a boy the girl was a ghost. It was 6:30am so Daniel got ready for school the bus left at 8:00am as he walked into the bathroom to clean his teeth, then the lock clicked and Daniel saw a girl in the mirror it was the same girl from his dream!

Ceri & Caitlin

11 thoughts on “The Hearse”

  1. Aaaargh! Scary!
    I like the opening a lot. What a good idea to use part of a folk song!
    Make sure that you think carefully about what you put in your 100 words. Every word has to ‘earn its place’; did we need to know when the bus left? Could you have used this word allowance to build more suspense?
    Good work though, Ceri and Caitlin, I can’t wait to see what your imagination invents for us next week.
    Mrs. E.

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