The Kidnapper

I was just looking out my window ,as I saw a black car flash into the woods. I climbed down the drain pipe and followed the black car into the woods. I thought I  a saw a boy in the back of the car,  I thought he was screaming . I raced after  the car, I ran down the side of the and stared at  the driver ,till I saw  slappy the dummy puppet from a horror film I watched last night , he turned his head and stared at  me. All of a sudden I saw a rocket, but where were they going?

Olivia & Jess

One thought on “The Kidnapper”

  1. Spooky writing! Very creative work, ladies. Well done for using commas in your work but remember that they can’t be used instead of a full stop!

    Should this be two separate sentences?
    I thought I a saw a boy in the back of the car, I thought he was screaming .
    Mrs. E.

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