The Lock Clicked

One gloomy and dark night, I was on my way back from the Halloween disco when I heard a suspicious cackle from in the distance. I ran and ran until my legs were burning and couldn’t take one more step. I panicked in terror I knew I had to get home and quickly. After a while, I felt I had enough energy to run back home. After a few minutes I had made it. I closed the door behind me then the lock clicked and I was face to face with the beast. The world went black.

Jasmine & Ruby

10 thoughts on “The Lock Clicked”

  1. After a while,
    One gloomy and dark night,
    After a few minutes,

    Fronted adverbial-tastic! Excellent work ladies!

    The ending is delightfully mysterious. Well done!
    Mrs. E.

  2. Oh no! Face to face with the beast! That would be a terrifying sight.
    That story was so suspenseful and scary that I felt too as if I was in the story, running from the beast.
    Great job, Jasmine & Ruby.

    1. Well she would have got killed anyway because there was a cackle so there must have been another beast out there.

  3. I agree with Mrs Evans lots of fronted adverbials! I really like the last line too and how you leave the reader wondering what happens next!

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