The Lost Life.

One night Lauren’s mum told her that her dad had passed away, so they thought. Lauren didn’t believe her, she packed her bag and went to find her dad. He was a keen fisher so she thought he might of gone fishing in the lake inside Forest Eery. So she went there, the boats were on land. Boat 265 shook; that was her dads boat. She looked over the side of the boat, nothing. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. The boats started to sink. She went to boat 225 it was also sinking. With her dad inside it…

Alicia + Lilly

2 thoughts on “The Lost Life.”

  1. Oh – mysterious! Well-done.
    Good use of punctuation – I can see a semi-colon in there!

    Remember that, ‘might of gone fishing’ should really be ‘might have’ (might’ve)!


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