The Lost Ocean

One day in Alcom a small town.  Tom and Jack were in a Forrest. as usual they were  exploring, until they found a cave ” Tom want to go exploring?” said Jack  “Yeah sure but only for 5m,” said Tom. They went in the cave but it came straight out They found themselves staring out at a million boats, lots of questions  were going through there mind but the biggest question was how did they get there.  Jack ran off to explore, while tom stood back, he was scared “Tom!! Come check this out!” Tom came. To be continued.

Tony & Jenson

One thought on “The Lost Ocean”

  1. This is an exciting piece of writing boys! It does have some full stops missing and the first full stop doesn’t need to be there at all!
    One day in Alcom a small town. Tom and Jack were in a Forrest.

    One day in Alcom, a small town, Tom and Jack were in a forest.

    Get a friend to double-check your punctuation before you post – it will help to make your work EVEN better!

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