The Material Shop

One day Milly and Molly went in to a material shop. Tapping their foot on the floor they stood by the till. From behind a lady said ” BOO!” Milly and Molly walked on until something caught Molly’s eye it was a nice piece of material. The material felt like it was bumpy but not soft. They tiptoed around the corner, Milly saw something black move, they went to the till and said ” is anybody there?” But nobody was there.The walked out of the material shop with out paying.”That was a bit strange.” Molly.

Megan & Poppy

6 thoughts on “The Material Shop”

  1. Megan & Poppy,

    Thank you for participating in this week’s writing challenge. I enjoyed reading your piece very much. Choosing to have your writing take place in a logical location – a material store – for the prompt about material. This allowed you to create a great picture in my head.

    I will note, it was hard to find to follow if their was a person in the material store or if it was a ghost. I thought it was at first, but the ending made me think they were feeling the presence of a person.

    Keep working hard!

    Mrs. Paul, 5JR in Illinois
    100 WC Team

  2. Well done Megan and Poppy. I was captivated by your story throughout and wondered how it was going to end. I wonder whether the material could have had magic powers or something special to increase the suspense? Well done both of you on a super story.

    Mr Rockey (Team 100) UK

  3. Ohhhh! I loved how you left the story hanging! What is wrong with that Material Shop!
    Great job, Megan & Poppy.

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