The Murder Mystery

One miserable day Laura Pratt decided to call her friends: Mell ,Maddie, Caitlin ,Libby and Veronica; then she invited them to go into the woods they all said yes. After a while, all of the friends were at Laura’s house. Then they all ventured into the forbidden woods.An hour later,      Laura heard a scream from behind her. It was Mel! She was lying down with a knife in her heart! Suddenly, Caitlin heard a gunshot behind them” run!” She shouted. So the all ran, but where were they going? Nobody knew. Then Libby shouted, “help!” What had happened?…

By Caitlin and Libby

2 thoughts on “The Murder Mystery”

  1. Caitlin and Libby, what an impressive array of punctuation! Well done! I am impressed by your use of a semi-colon, a colon and your commas after fronted adverbials. I am just wondering if you put in an embedded clause…

    This is an interesting start to a murder mystery – Agatha Christie would be proud! Interesting writing ladies, keep it up!
    Mrs. E.

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