The Night

The material felt like it got tighter. If my friends did help, why did they disappear? It was uncomfortable being trapped in a sleeping bag! We struggled for a bit, so we fell asleep and it loosened like something escaped…

After a bit of thinking, we knew we had to stop struggling. Although it was hard, that’s what we did. We ran outside into a  rocky, pitch black mountain, to be thought. We wondered where were we, we came to a answer, it was away from home. Can we survive any longer? no we could not. Not any longer.

By Thomas and Brooke.


2 thoughts on “The Night”

  1. Very creative work. I am don’t think anyone else will have written about being stuck in a sleeping bag! You had some excellent sentences in here. This is my favourite: ‘Although it was hard, that’s what we did.’ (Complex-tastic!)
    To make your writing EVEN better you could make sure you read it carefully before you publish. There are a few parts where I was unsure what you meant. I was confused by this: ‘We ran outside into a rocky, pitch black mountain, to be thought.’ With an extra read-through and a quick punctuation check, you two will be able to produce top-class 100 word challenges!
    Well -done!
    Mrs. E

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