The Pie

On a sunny day a few years ago  there lived a boy  called Jack and he lived with his  horrible  step mum  and dad . One day Jack went to the market to buy a apple pie, he put the pie in his wagon and he went home . On his way he saw a bush move on its own he saw a sign  saying DANGER he ignored it but little did he know there was a pie monster oh know he thought I better run to that small wooden cottage  then the lock clicked but there was no pie…

Jenson & Nicole

5 thoughts on “The Pie”

  1. Nicole and Jenson
    That was great! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! My only thought would be to use inverted commas
    when ‘Jack’ was thinking, and always remember
    ” New speech new line!” said Katie to Nicole & Jenson.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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