The Puzzled Sun

They are here. They have arrived, now just for the hard part. A few minutes later, they could feel there feet getting hotter by the minute. After a while a gateway opened they walked in. They both could see what lay ahead. Many different obstacles. But where were they going? After a while, they where on to the first part (dodging the lava). Then the second part was a maze. “Uh oh!” They both said. “what if we don’t do it in time.” Then they began running to the end. They both tripped and fell into something nobody would want to!

By Jelly (Jasmine and Ellie)

One thought on “The Puzzled Sun”

  1. Well done for putting some commas in your writing. Did you drop in an ’embedded clause’?
    This is very exciting work and I enjoyed reading it – take care with question marks though!

    They both said. “what if we don’t do it in time.” Should be:
    They both said, “What if we don’t do it in time?”

    Mrs E.

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