The Rainforest Ghost.

In the rainforest, on the 3rd of November, I went on holiday. Somebody told me that something spooky would happen. By the way my name is Charlie, I’m 83 years old and I come from London.

When I arrived at the rainforest, there were lots of boats. I thought that the river had over loaded; but it had not. I heard a noise, I walked round the bend of the river and I think saw a……….GHOST.

I had a glass of water, I dropped it. I went to bed that night; I heard a scream.

By Olivia and Megan

One thought on “The Rainforest Ghost.”

  1. Very mysterious girls but it jumps about a bit! I wasn’t too convinced about the ghost! Remember to build tension, make the reader BELIEVE!

    Well-done for using a semi-colon – do you think it should replace the ‘but’?

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