The Spider’s Web

In the middle  of Madagascar the web was growing it had already covered half of it. The Internet was growing.Now the web had covered half of Africa and  Asia. I could see the web from England. The biggest spider ever, which came from space, was spinning it. Although it was big and had covered half of the world it was made from  cotton candy, so was the web. So I grabbed my friends and we started eating. The spider was hiding in a cotton candy cave. Ten hours later we had eaten the web. The spider fled to the moon.

Ceri & Poppy

2 thoughts on “The Spider’s Web”

  1. hi Poppy and Ceri
    I love that it was made of cotton candy
    But you can’t eat that much Cotton Candy in ten hours

  2. Was the spider made if licorice? Was the planet it came from a giant jaw-breaker? Did it come in a UFMM, Uniddentifed Flying M & M. It was so mysterious. Good job!

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