Time Machine

One day Ruby, me (Katie) and Harry were playing in the laboratory when something caught Harry’s eye.

” Ooh, a time machine!” said Harry with astonishment.

Me and Ruby tried to stop him by blocking his path, but he pushed us away sending us plummeting into the time machine, followed by him also jumping in. But where were they going? The time machine started and I felt wind smacking my face. As the wind slowly turned from violent to a gentle breeze everything and everybody went silent. When Ruby, me and Harry recovered from  fright. As I opened the door…

Katie & Ruby

One thought on “Time Machine”

  1. I love time travel stories! I want to know what sort of time and place you have landed in! Very creative writing. Well done for using a comma but did you write an embedded (dropped in) clause?

    Just check carefully before you publish – make sure your work sounds top rate:
    When Ruby, me and Harry recovered from fright. As I opened the door…
    This may have been better as:
    When Ruby, Harry and I had recovered from fright, I opened the door…

    Good work though. Keep it up!

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