Web Attack.

“Attack!” The General proclaimed. War was raging through out the country. Webs in the shapes of hideous shadows towered over the city. There were screams and cries all around. Mothers with babies were running around begging for food. Fathers with children were trying to find shelter. Pensioners were strugling to escape. Doom was aproaching Berlin.

“Shall we tell them?”

“No, not yet”

“Why not”

“Because it would just scare them even more.” The conversation carried on for quite a while later and it didn’t turn out very good

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” There was a scream of horror, Polly over heard the conversation.

Liliana & Caitlin

2 thoughts on “Web Attack.”

  1. Hi lili and Caitlin

    I really enjoyed reading your story well done for using good punctuation,capital letters and new speaker 🙂 😀

    From lilly

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