Years Later

I woke up on a normal day, well I that’s what I thought anyway. I got out of bed and magically machines changed me into my clothes. I knew something wasn’t right.  I looked out my window the streets were empty, where was everybody? I looked at my phone it was MMMXVI. I took another look out my window this time dinosaurs were plodding along the road, but where were they going? Loudly the dinosaurs, which were huge, came past my house. A Ankylosaurs came up and it started to headbutt the window “finngley Fangle finngle!”

Ceri & Alicia

One thought on “Years Later”

  1. Wow! How did you come up with this? It’s great. I want to read more about a future with machines that dress you and dinosaurs that wander about.
    Top rate stuff!
    (Just remember to use the correct article: a, an, the: AN Ankylosaur.
    Great work! (I liked the commas!)
    Mrs. E.

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